marketing environment and buyer behaviour

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A. The external marketing environment (1000 words) Choose two environments within the external environment to analyse - demographic, socio-cultural, economic, technological, natural, competitive and political and legal (500 words per environment)
Provide a definition of each chosen environment and justify in relation to your product (4 marks) Explain how each chosen environment impacts your product, using evidence from your research (business sources) to justify (20 marks) Discuss the opportunities presented for your chosen product in each environment (8 marks) Discuss the threats presented for your chosen product in each environment (8 marks)
1) Political
First of all, political factors refer to the
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One more issue that Apple must confront is the apparent “de facto” protectionism of Nokia and Ericsson. These two companies are extremely important to their economy, as Nokia has been mentioned as one of Europe’s most important companies. The future is pretty safe for those two telecommunications giants, and Apple will be at a disadvantage if it must wrestle with them. There is an argument that with cellular standard conforming to European standards, US companies such as Motorola and Apple may be at a disadvantage in keeping up with Europe’s cellular manufacturers. One can argue that this can be supported by the 2.5G release of the iPhone Europe as opposed to the 3G standard. Apple can argue the European standards are exclusionary and discriminatory as Apple has invested large amounts of money into R&D standards. At present, mobile devices based on current US technology are now locked out of the EU market since the W-CDMA standard has been converted into a requirement. (Wallis-Brown, Von Hellens, et al, 2000) The development of the iPhone under two different standards is a burden for Apple. The EU arguably also protects its two telecommunication giants, Nokia and Ericsson. Apple is not alone in this fight, as Korean manufacturers such as LG and Samsung face these burdens. Apple also shares this dilemma with Motorola on US soil. However, these competitors are established companies that have introduced product since
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