marketing environment and marketing mix of Walt Disney

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Contents I) INTRODUCTION 3 1. General Introduction 3 2. Market 3 II) MARKETING ENVIRONMENT 4 1. Micro – Environment 4 2. Macro – environment 4 2.1 The Economic Environment 4 2.2 The Cultural Environment 5 2.3 The Natural Environment 6 2.4 The Demographic Environment 7 III) MARKETING MIX 7 1. Target Market 7 2. Price 8 3. Product 8 4. Distribution 9 5. Promotion 10 IV) LESSON 13 I) INTRODUCTION 1. General Introduction Type: Public (NYSE: DIS) Year of establishment: 16/10/1923 Industry: Media and Entertainment Field of activity: The Walt Disney Studios, Studio Entertainment, Disney Consumer Products, Media Networks. Headquarters: City Burbank, Califorlia, United States. The head of: Brother Walt Disney and Roy Disney. Employees:…show more content…
Reduced advertising revenue, fare in the complex theme park and revenue from the DVD release reduce the negative impact to profitability. Cable television division revenue decreased 8%. 2.2 The Cultural Environment - Through this environment, we can know the cultural values and social attitudes of the people. Each environment may be an opportunity but also a threat for any company. These are intangible factors but have a large role, especially as it affects the psychology and buying behavior of customers. Particularly the sustainability of the core cultural values and specific cultural factors will greatly affect marketing decisions, therefore, not only as marketing staff that any company taking customer focus needs to be addressed. - Disneyland is one of the pride of the American people, the success in California, USA and Tokyo - Japan has confirmed more prestigious and competitive position of Disney. But to our surprise that it was this giant failure on the "battlefield" in Europe. When vaguely intend to open another theme park of Disney, more than 200 localities worldwide has proposed Disney park at their hometown. Paris was chosen because more than 17 million Europeans live within a radius of two hours by car to Paris, 310 million people could fly there in that time or less. Moreover, the French government has drawn Disney with all kinds of

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