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MARKETING MANAGEMENT (MB106) – OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS (ONE SET) MBA I SEMESTER 1. Which of the following is central to any definition of marketing? a. Making a profit b. Making a sale c. Demand management d. Transactions e. Customer relationships 2. Introducing new products to existing markets is an example of: a. conglomerate diversification b. vertical diversification c. horizontal diversification d. concentric diversification 3. When a company acquires a supplier through an acquisition strategy, this is referred to as: a. vertical marketing system b. horizontal integration c. forward integration d. backward integration 4. When backed by buying power, wants become ________. a. physical needs b. demands c. social…show more content…
multitude of segments; add more segments e. niche; differentiate 10. An increasingly large number of firms are changing their organizational focus from ________ to ________. a. product management; functional management b. brand management; customer relationship management c. territory management; functional management d. product management; territory management e. global management; regional management 11. Which of the following is NOT a marketing objective? a. Positioning b. Volume sales c. Cash flow 12. What is price skimming? a. Setting an initially-high price which falls as competitors enter the market b. Setting a high price which consumers perceive as indicating high quality c. Setting a low price to "skim off" a large number of consumers 13. Setting a price below that of the competition is called: a. Penetration pricing b. Skimming c. Competitive pricing 14. A profit calculated by adding a percentage to the costs of production is called: a. Mark-up b. Breakeven c. Margin 15. A profit calculated on the basis of a percentage of the selling price is called: a. Mark-up b. Breakeven c. Margin 16. Calculating prices on the basis of what the market will pay is called: a. Competitive pricing b. Demand pricing c. Prestige pricing 17. Ending prices with 99p is called: a. Price lining b. Prestige pricing c. Odd-even pricing 18. Bundle pricing is: a. Providing a bundle of benefits for one price b. Packaging a group of products

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