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Marketing Plan “Beyond the Bean”

Executive Summary

For over a year David Greig and his partner Angela peck had been working on the idea of opening a board games café called “Beyond the Bean” in London, Ontario. His business plan is nearly to be complete, only the marketing plan for his proposed venture is still needed.
Beyond the Bean is going to be a café that specializes in gourmet coffees and related beverages and at the same time offers the opportunity to rent a table were customers could enjoy the pleasure of playing board games.
The partners have no clue about what the most profitable target market, product pricing and final product offering is. Furthermore, the partners need an excellent promotion plan to familiarize
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This is also one of the reasons that the partners decide to serve different kinds of coffees, other beverages, baked goods and other food.
Political forces
There are no expected political influences or events that could affect the operations of Beyond the Bean. 3 Political factors include regulatory issues that affect your product line (e.g. ergonomics issues and the current regulatory rulings), legal aspects such as patents and copyrights, or just the current political climate. Political forces are currently no issue for “Beyond the Bean”4.
Legal and regulatory forces
The partners of “Beyond the Bean” pondered the idea of offering a limited selection of alcoholic beverages, primarily beer and wine. But this would mean that the business’s liabilities could increase, resulting in higher annual insurance premiums. The partners decided that in a café as Beyond the Bean it would be a better choice to avoid alcoholic beverages. Technological forces
In today’s society, technological products are continually improving and developing. These improvements could lead to constant use of mobile devices and this will stop people from talking with each other. The decision of not providing Wi-Fi in Beyond the Bean is then better than its competitors, which do provide free Wi-Fi.
Sociocultural forces
To select the potential customers for beyond the bean, the market will be divided into different segments. Because of the different schools and colleges located near beyond
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