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BSB07 Business Services Training Package

Marketing Qualifications


Delivery and Transition Guide: BSB51207 Diploma, and BSB60507 Advanced Diploma

Version 1
27 November, 2008

Training Package Implementation Project

Published by the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, Victoria

© State of Victoria 2008

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Business Services, which remains an industry on its own, has considerable relevance to most other industries, as evidenced by the popularity of the Training Package. The new package acknowledges this relevance and the cross industry applicability inherent in the area.

Differences that teachers of Marketing should be aware of are: the new units a new coding system ( a letter is added to the unit code to indicate its currency. The letter A denotes the original version; the letter B its first revision, and any further letters denote later revisions) the removal of Key Competencies and their replacement with Employability Skills the separation of Required Skills and Required Knowledge into two separate sections the new wording of the units being active, not passive, ensuring a more direct form of communication the addition of ‘Application of the Unit’ to indicate the work roles and context of each unit an expansion of the ‘Evidence guides’ to include greater reference to other units and the opportunities available for co-assessment a new section, ‘Method of assessment’, which includes suggestions as to how the unit might be successfully assessed that some units have been deleted or merged as a response to identified overlaps and changed industry

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