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Ray ban report
My marketing report will be based around the American brand Ray Ban. Ray Ban were founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb were the glasses first purpose were protecting US army pilots from glare of the sun and altitude sickness when flying high. A new type of glasses were introduced to stop this from happening called Aviator this name of sunglasses is still living strong in 2013. In 1999 Bausch & Lomb sold the sunglasses grand to an Italian group called Luxottica for a reported $640 million. Ray Ban is now a well-known and successful company and it holds a large share in the global eyewear market. They now own 35 brand names in eyewear and are continuously expanding.
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Target market
Ray Bans target market
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The recommendations I would give to Ray Ban would be to use more sources of social media within marketing communication this way it can reach more people as most people don’t just use Facebook they may use for example Twitter. Another great idea would be to activate an Instagram account this is a social media that uses only pictures to communicate and would be a great tool to get the marketing message across. I would also recommend Ray Ban in using video to advertise and possibly tell the story clearer than you can from just looking at a photo. Although these photos have seem to work I would think a clearer understanding can be made of the message they are trying to get across this can be done via TV advertisement or social media i.e. uploading videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I think a great way for Ray Ban doing a great job in marketing communications but don’t have much feedback from their customers on how they think the glasses are and why there a great buy. I think Ray Ban should use an incentive for example a discount on their next purchase or a chance to win a free pair of Ray Ban sunglasses to leave feedback on their experience with Ray Ban and use this in there marketing strategy. I think this a great way of communicating with the customers and gives a new customer an idea of how good the glasses really are. Overall the company are doing a great job in

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