marriage as a universal cultural trait

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INTRODUCTION Marriage is a latin word which mean to connect two opposite sexes for the basic human needs. There are two types of sexual relationship, one is matting, the other is marriage.The former is commonly exist among animals and the later is among men and women.we may say that animal mates’ but man marries.Mating is biological but marriage is social affair.It means that marriage is a socially sanctionted union of one or more men with one or more women in the relationship of husband and wife.On the other hand matting is between unmarried couples and is not approved by many societies. Therefore marriage is a legalized relationship but the sexual relation is consider only a part of marriage.It has many causes for example, the…show more content…
However, these forms of marriage are extremely rare. Of the 250 societies reported by the American anthropologist George P. Murdock in 1949, only the Caingang of Brazil had any group marriages at all. Various marriage practices have existed throughout the world. In some societies an individual is limited to being in one such couple at a time (monogamy), while other cultures allow a male to have more than one wife (polygyny) or, less commonly, a female to have more than one husband (polyandry). Some societies also allow marriage between two males or two females. Societies frequently have other restrictions on marriage based on the ages of the participants, pre-existing kinship, and membership in religious or other social groups. Marriage has been around for thousands of years and even existed among Hunter/gathering peoples. However, the modern understanding of what it means to be married (I.e. love, monogamy, partnership) are mostly constructs of our Christian past. Marriage was and in some cases still is used as a way to forge relationships/alliances between two groups. For example, one tribe will send their daughter to marry another tribes son, because of that these two tribes now have a connection and a vested interest in

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