mass commication and how it affects todays youth Essay

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From Eminem’s hardcore explicit lyrics, to Lil Kim’s outrageous outfits to the late Tupac Shakur’s “thug life” image, the rap subculture has been under a lot of speculation. Many rappers lyrics contain violent messages that parents fear are encouraging youth to become violent. The media has a field day covering protests against rappers, such as Eminem about their explicit lyrics towards gays, women and their promotion of violence. The main concern is how rap is influencing today, particularly towards the youth community, and the answer can be found in the media. There are a lot of articles, books, movies and documentaries written and produced each year with hip-hop being the main subject. This great plethora of media not only affects the…show more content…
The dance known as breaking, which was influenced by earlier dances know as locking and popping (these dances required a lot of body control, mainly in the arms, legs, and torso) were established in L.A. The dances received national exposure on the hit show Soul Train, and ultimately swept the rap subculture (George, 133).
The next big wave in the subculture behind rap music itself was DJing. The ability to mix music on a machine and scratch records was a phenomenon in itself. Rap music in the industry was nothing without a beat, and in order for the song to be a hit, the beat must carry the lyrics. Many of the beats at the time were fast pounding bah-bum-bah rhythms. DJing led to another culture in rap, which was beat boxing. Beat boxing was when a person made their voice sound like the beat in the song. Rhazzel, is not only famous for being a DJ, but also for beat boxing. Many times during a concert, he would just stop the music and beat box the melody. As a result of this influx of energy towards the rap subculture and its birth of many other cultures, Tricia Rose quotes:
“It was not long before similarly marginalized
Black and Hispanic communities in other cities picked up on the t tenor and energy in New York hip hop. Within a decade, Los Angles
County (especially Compton), Oakland, Detroit, Chicago, Houston

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