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When facing the problem of dealing with business projects that should be terminated early, a leader should consider a number of important action steps described below. First, among these steps is submitting the idea of what is to be achieved. An example of a project could be on mobile-phone-based money transfer. It means that the presentation of all the relevant information of the project is to be carried out, and all the necessary materials for its materialization (that is from development of the product to the point where all the stakeholders get its utility) are to be provided. To do so, during one week, experts should weigh out all the ideas, and come up with rational judgment (Loulakis, & McLaughlin, 2011). The project managers…show more content…
Finally, during the fifth and the sixth weeks, a rough draft on how the team proposes for the implementation of the project should be developed along with making a presentation of a final draft on the process of the implementation (Mohanty & Kar, 2012). During this stage, project managers should critic the project, and also give there input. The schedule of work should be elaborated clause by clause of every activity, and the timeline for each activity should be provided. If necessary, a company leader may request for a committee from the team to be preparing reports on the project implementation process (Goleman, 2000). Recommendations regarding Allowing Good Managers to Make Mistakes without Public Embarrassment and Enabling them Learn from their Mistakes When facing laxities in good managers’ work, a leader may consider a number of recommendations described below. First, a leader should appoint an implementation committee (Goleman, 2000). The committee should be ordained to prepare monthly reports on the progress of corporate stars, and an overview of the implementation of the action plan. This action step is to be exercised during the first week of working with the problem. The evaluations should attain for 100% in the implementation of the action plan. This is basically judged from the monthly reports that the committee prepares. Secondly, the other important action task for a leader is organizing of the input from the
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