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No such thing as “Separate but Equal” in Education

One of the most common question for parents when it comes to choosing high schools or college for their child is “Should girls and boys be taught separately, either in different classes or entirely differently schools, to improve their educational performances, or is such an approach a throwback to a teaching method that was discredited years ago” (Update: Single-Sex Education). In the past, it was more common for boys and girls to be educated separately just like most private schools today. In the 1990s, concerns over the academic progress of both girls and boys lead the increase in number of single-sex schools in the U.S. Studies show that supporter of single-sex education
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If boys and girls are not taught how to interact on anything other than a social level, single-sex school does not prepare boys and girls for the real adult world.
I feel as if it is important that boys and girls socialize in school to discourage gender stereotypes in the future. Supporters argue that single-sex schooling eliminates gender stereotypes, but I disagree. Single-sex schooling reinforces gender stereotypes. According to studies, “single-sex schooling reinforces stereotyped notions of how boys and girls should behave, and deprive students of important preparation for the real, coeducational worlds of work and family” (Update: Single-Sex Education 2002). In my opinion, school is suppose to the “workplace” for children, and by separating boys and girls increases gender stereotyping in adulthood by depriving students of the opportunity to interact daily as peers during formative years. Studies show that when children are separated by gender, they tend to start discriminating and start accepting more gender stereotypes. “Segregating students by gender can lead to greater gender discrimination and make it harder to deal with the opposite sex later in life” (Update: Single-Sex Education 2008). Another gender based serotypes single-sex schools promote is that Boys tend to be taught in a more regimented, traditional, and individualistic fashion and girls in more
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