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The nurse has admitted a patient with a new diagnosis of pneumonia and explained to the patient that together they will plan the patient’s care and set goals for discharge. The patient says, “How is that different from what the doctor does?” Which response by the nurse is most appropriate?

“In addition to caring for you while you are sick, the nurses will assist you to develop an individualized plan to maintain your health.”

This response is consistent with the American Nurses Association (ANA) definition of nursing, which describes the role of nurses in promoting health. The other responses describe some of the dependent and collaborative functions of the nursing role but do not accurately describe the nurse’s role in the
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The PES format is used when writing nursing diagnoses. The subjective, as well as objective, data should be included in the defining characteristics. Interventions and outcomes are not included in the nursing diagnosis statement.

Using the Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation (SBAR) format, in which order should the nurse make these statements to communicate a change in patient status to a health care provider?
This is the nurse on the surgical unit. I am calling about Mr. A in room 3. After assessing him, I am very concerned about his shortness of breath.A, D, B
The order of the nurse’s statements follows the SBAR format.

Which of these nursing actions for the patient with heart failure is appropriate for the nurse to delegate to experienced nursing assistive personnel (NAP)?
Obtain the patient’s blood pressure and pulse rate after ambulation.
NAP education includes accurate vital sign measurement. Assessment and patient teaching require RN education and scope of practice and cannot be delegated.

Which action by a newly graduated RN working on the postsurgical unit indicates that more education about delegation and assignment is needed?
The nurse delegates assessment of a patient’s bowel sounds to experienced NAP.

Assessment requires RN education and scope of practice and cannot be delegated to NAP. The other
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