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Today’s society is centered on media rather it be broadcasting media, print media, mass media, or social media. Media is the center of it all. The media is our way of staying up to date on the latest news, passing and receiving information, basically keeping our lives in motion. The media has the ability to create social norms. One social norm that rubbed writer/director of the documentary “Miss Representation” Jennifer Seibel Newsom the wrong way was the misrepresentation of women in the media. The main claim or argument behind “Miss Representation” is that woman now days are being judged only on their appearance rather then their knowledge, achievement, and or power.
This social norm has affected women of all
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Meaning ten hours a day the media is influencing teenagers. The media has created its own standard of beauty, so when teenage girls spend ten hours a day focusing on media they see that a vast majority of them don’t live up to media’s standard of beauty.
Newsom points this out because in the documentary you see three different clips of three half naked, beautiful women lying down, washing a window and serving a male food at the breakfast table.(INSERT CITATION) Newsome suggest those clips right there leads to girls being very insecure about their looks and bodies which leads to losing confidence in their ability because they believe their value is solely based on their looks. To capture the attention of the younger audience, Newsom interviewed teenage girls. One girl talks about the fact that when she was in fifth grade she was worried about her weight. Now in ninth grade she says she is still worried about her weight.(INSERT CITATION) Here, Newsom suggested she being concerned about her weight at such a young age is the influence of media. Another girl says “it’s all about the body, not about the brain (INSERT TIME FOR CITATION)
The documentaries argument then targets the medias effect on women in power, specifically women in politics. One example of how media has affected women in power is shown in a clip with former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The clips is Palin being interviewed live on fox news, Palin is asked, “Breast implants, did you have
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