men and women rights

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Women and men have equal but different missions in life, each pursuing their own path to holiness. For women to adopt the lifestyle of men is not only contrary to their nature and divinely given task, but betrays a lack of self-respect for their own dignity and worth.
Do women occupy a position in Judaism inferior to men? Does Torah and the lifestyle it mandates discriminate against women? Some people apparently believe so, for under the banner of women’s liberation efforts are being made to free women from what is perceived as their unequal status in Jewish law.
The call for equal rights is a persuasive one. All people are created in the image of G-d, and no person, and certainly not a whole category of people, should be subjected to
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This is not to say that for women to work is always wrong. It is more a matter of priorities, of knowing what is one’s primary mission and what is one’s G-dly ordained role. What is false is to replace women’s sacred mission with the ideal that having a business or professional career is a goal for itself. But as a means to furthering Torah study, for example, there is a long Jewish tradition of women working to allow their husbands to devote themselves totally to studying Torah. Even then, of course, it was not allowed to prevent raising a family.
In a similar vein, the fact that women are not called up to the Torah for an aliyah or are not counted as part of a minyan is irrelevant to their worth. To demand such "rights" is simply a total misunderstanding of what they mean.
Having an aliyah and being part of a minyan are indeed lofty matters. "Aliyah" literally means "ascent," referring to both the physical ascent on steps to the platform where the Torah is read and to the spiritual ascent that accompanies it. Through a minyan, G-d is sanctified in this world and in all the spiritual worlds, too. But sanctity and spirituality are not man-made matters, to be toyed with as one desires. Holiness is attained by cleaving to G-d, and it is He who has established how one becomes sanctified and how one sanctifies.
There is not just one way in which to approach G-d. G-d
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