Essay on mental wellbeing and health CMH301

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Understand Mental wellbeing and Mental Health promotion

CMH 301

1. Understand the different views on the nature of mental well-being and Mental health and the factors that may influence both across lifespan:

It is a well known fact, that everyone is one of kind unique if you like. There for there will be always different views on this as well as other matters. ( diet, fitness ect)

while " this and that " is working for some, it may not work for the other. However there is a basic so called skeleton form which we can build up what is the best for the individual.

Mental well-being can be very unstable thing and it can be tipped either way at any time by trauma or excitement.

Influencing factors: - childhood
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Illness - stress or shock - loss of loved one
- lack of self esteem

1.3 Explain how following types of risk factors and protective factors influence level of resilience in individuals and groups in relation to mental health and well being:

In quantum physics as well as in various ancient civilisation there was/ is believe that all is corrected including people. It my my believe, that it is really so. We all creating each other reality as well as improving/ destroying one to another ( helping or acting badly in order to make a harm)

Small thing, action or word can have huge positive or negative impact on us.

There for it is important to identify that it is mostly actions of other which may resolve in to improving/ sustaining our mental health or the opposite( too much letting down may resolve in not trusting people or lack of self-esteem)

- Risk factors including inequalities, poor quality social relationships:

constant discrimination, putting down, rejection or not acceptance are examples of high risk factors. These behaviours of other towards us have not just negative impact on us, but may have potentially
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