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Mere Christianity Mere Christianity a book written by C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest writers of his time, is a life-changing introduction to the Christian faith ever written. This book is based on C.S. Lewis’s broadcast radio talks in the BBC around the time of the war years. In book one and book two of Mere Christianity Lewis explains the right and wrong of human nature as well as what Christians believe. Lewis’s work is so inspirational because these talks were not solely intended for the Christian ear but for the non-believer as well. C.S. Lewis described the word Mere Christianity, mere meaning the most basic, and general form of Christianity ignoring the details that the denominations in the Christian faith fight and argue over. A…show more content…
Lewis said, “ I now go back to what I said at the end of the first chapter, that there were two odd things about the human race. First, that they were haunted by the idea of a sort of behavior they ought to practice, what you might call fair play, or decency, or morality, or the Law of Nature. Second, that they did not in fact do so (Lewis 16).”
Lewis tries to explain what he believes are two realities about man. He explains that the Law of Human Nature is a standard that tells man what should be done. Everyone agrees with the Law of Human Nature, this law is truth and they express it, but they do not live by this law. Men feel pressure to act a certain way to behave in a manner that is expected of him. However, man also does not do what is expected of him. Men behave in a certain way and we sit back and judge knowing that they should be behaving in a completely different way. Lewis is trying to convey to us that man does not just obey what is expected of him. Man knows what he should do but he simply does not do it. The Life-Force philosophy according to Lewis is the in-between view in relation to the materialist view and the religious view. The Life-Force philosophy is merely Creative Evolution. People who believe in this view say that this planet did not evolve by chance but by a purpose of a life force. Lewis explains that if that purpose has a mind then it is really a God. Lewis says that “One reason why many people find Creative
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