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Florida International University Marx, Durkheim, and Weber Methodologies Midterm Danielle N. McGill Sociology Theory 1148-SYA4010 Professor Richard Tardanico December 8, 2014 McGill 1 Danielle McGill Professor Richard Tardanico SYA 4010 8 December 2014 Marx, Durkheim, and Weber Methodologies Marx, Durkheim, and Weber together comprise the historical core of the sociological tradition. While they each come from very different perspectives and offer profound contributions to the field, they each have tried to address problems associated with the advent of modernity. The economy is a fundamental part of contemporary society because it’s a social institution. It also contributes to every aspect of…show more content…
The continued growth and development of industry leads to the concentration of power in the proletariat and trade unions form and there are sporadic riots or strikes. But, the competition between the workers themselves undermines their struggle. Similarly, the bourgeoisie by necessity provide a minimum education for the proletariat; this is needed in order combat the competition of the bourgeoisie in other markets (1988:64). By this, and with the defection of sympathetic bourgeoisie to the side of the proletariat, a revolution is prepared for in which the proletariat dissolves individual property. Thus, for Marx the economy is the cause of the resulting social superstructure ideology, politics, and religion. The disparity between the ruling class, which owns the means of production, and the proletariat, which provide the labor, results in a history of McGill 4 class warfare; Marx predicted that such class warfare would eventually culminate in a communistic revolution in which private ownership of the means of production and class distinctions were abolished for good. In contrast to Marx, Durkheim considers the economy to be one of many contributing factors that make up a society. The economy has no privileged position in relation to the social superstructure, but is one social fact among others. In The Rules of Sociological Method (1982) Durkheim defines a
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