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PPA-1-ABBREVIATIONS CHART Abbreviation Letters Represent Context Definition or Application within the Patient’s Chart Source Document From Jane’s Dare Medical Record found on bottom of Medical Record pages… 1. ICD International Classifications of Diseases, Ninth Revision Published by WHO This is a systematic classification of diagnosis codes. These codes are numeric and alphanumeric codes that represent medical diagnoses ADMISSION SUMMARY 2. CM Clinical Modification This abbreviation out of context belongs collectively as the ICD-9-CM These codes are added to ICD codes and can be used for diagnosis or procedure. ADMISSION SUMMARY SHEET- FACE SHEET 3. N/A Not Available This abbreviation means not…show more content…
Utilizes front wheeled walker with assistance of 1-2. Strength training, bed mobility and transfer training. Physician Orders and Progress Notes 24. HCL Hydrochloric acid It is formed by dissolving gaseous hydrogen chloride with water. Jane was prescribed Nortriptyline HCL 10 mg po qd Physician Orders and Progress Notes 25. VO Voice Over The orders were giving verbally by the doctor. Jane was given the two step mantoux Standing orders VO Dr. Archibald M. Graham Physician Orders and Progress Notes 26. > Greater than Whats on the left is greater than whats on the left. Doctor orders ACHING/FEVER: Acetaminophen 650 mg. po prn /fever > 100 po or tympanic 101 rectal. Physician Orders and Progress Notes 27. MOM Milk of magnesia. a common component of antacids and laxatives. Jane needed bowl management so the doctor ordered MOM 30 cc po q.d. Prn. Physician Orders and Progress Notes 28. UA Urinalysis Laboratory analysis of urine, used to help diagnose disease or detect a specific substance. The doctor order catheterization: straight catheterize prn for UA. Physician Orders and Progress Notes 29. GI Gastrointestinal pertaining to the stomach and intestine The doctor ordered GI DISTRESS: Antacid (pharmacy stock) 1 teaspoon po q4h prn. Physician Orders and Progress Notes 30. IM Internal medicine the branch of medicine concerned with the study of the physiologic and pathologic characteristics
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