money and class in america Essay example

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In the book Money and Class in America written by Lewis Lapham, the way Americans look at money is exposed. It compares other nations view on monetary value against that of the Americans. It is a fact that we place more value on money than anything else. This book illustrates the corruptness of the “American Dream” as it focuses money as the “currency of the soul” and through the dream, men remain free to rise or fall. Their life is the product of the effort and the decisions put forth by them. To start off, money in the U.S. is perceived as the currency of the soul. It makes the world go round. Lapham writes, “They had been so ‘deflected by the pursuit of money’ that they could turn ‘in no other direction.’. In my opinion, Americans…show more content…
He quit smoking and chewing tobacco just to save up those extra few dollars. Although he was in illegal activities, such as selling alcohol which in that time was illegal, he was a “thug”. He made sure that no matter what he was doing, he accomplished his goal of having money. In the original dream, all the hard work you had to put forth to achieve your goal was like a lesson learned. However, in our century’s corrupted dream, all the struggles are worth it as long as you make it to the riches and the high standards of life. The whole act itself revolves completely out of money. It is more important to showcase items and mount them on walls then to show intelligence, faith and families. It is sad to say, but in our American Dream, the corrupted one that is, greenbacks are worth more than one’s honor. Other nations look upon the American devotion as sterile cupidity and insanity. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby, Daisy and Tom are an excellent example of the importance of being wealthy. Lapham expresses his opinion on Americans as Philistinism. Americans base their success on property and luxuries. Without that, they are not truly happy or satisfied with what they did in their life period. If the goal of becoming rich is achieved, everything might not be so great after all. The circle of people associated with you are just there for the luxury. Take the Gatsby as an example. No one went to his funeral, not even Daisy. She was to blame for his death, and
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