monitoring of boarding houses system

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Project Context Discovery and innovation of technology had lead to a greater advancement of society. In today’s modern age where computer has become a way of life, it is evidence that a majority of the country’s institutions now enjoy the benefit of using such technology, with the advancement of the technology today the Student Affair Office wants to conduct a system that would help and to monitor the student to be safe and secure with their respective renting boarding houses the student affair wants us to implement said system to our school suitable use of the online services and wireless technology has given a new application, to monitor their respective student in the respective renting boarding houses. The…show more content…
When the metric card passes through the RFID reader; the system will trigger the data from the RFID tag to the database. Then the data will be sent online to the school management for monitoring purposes. RFID is a technology which they use because radio waves to detect man, animals, data. Or any other materials automatically by transmitted through their antenna to makes it an RFID tag. Boarding school monitoring system using RFID will lessen all the old fashioned paper work. Similarities – it’s obviously about monitoring of the student, aside from that we use online system to monitor student. Dissimilarities - They use RFID passive tag, software; they use visual basic 6.0 and In the study conducted by Tan pure (2013), entitled Online student monitoring system using passive RFID. Lives are different types of identification system are present For the detection of Animals, students, products and also for transportation. The system like Barcode system, Smart-card and Bio-metric technology represent. As compare to them RFID is faster than barcode and smart card system and cheaper than bio-metric system, Hence they preferred to use the RFID technology for their Project. Using RFID one of the automation technology that is beneficial in improving current traditional way of
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