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In my past 18 years, I have been living in an environment that people telling me what should I do and what should I not to do. My mum taught me to be a good role model for my younger sister, my dad told me to study hard so I can have a good future. By going to school, teachers teach me that what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ from the textbook and I have also been learning that from the TV, newspaper and radio. The mass media is always a channel for me to receive what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ about the social. For example, there are critics about the politics, environmental issues etc.From time to time, my moral compass had been shaped by my parents and the social norms.

Human beings always place their own interest on the top priority while
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Now, I have to behave well in front of my sister. My moral compass tells me what to do as a good sister and this always stop me from what I really want to do in my heart. It upsets me because ‘role model’ has become a burden for me to do something I really like. For example, I would like to learn street dance but my mother rejected it with not to affect adversely on my sister. She thought that I should put more effort on studying but not something which is not related to academic. In school, I am the pianist of the school choir and I am responsible for the playing the piano part in different occasion. When I was in form 1, I was told to be the pianist for the Speech Day and it really affected my life in secondary school a lot. Since all the pianists playing in Speech Day were in Form 5 before, I became the youngest pianist ever in my school. People questioned why I can stand on the stage because they think I am not qualified for that. I would like to do my best every time on stage so that people would agree with me and understand the effort that I have paid. As a result, I have tremendous pressure as my moral compass tells me to perform well before going out to perform as there are a lot of people looking at me and I would want to show them I am excellent player.

Moral compass is easily affected by others. I am a person always get lost although I know

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