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Mother Teresa once said, "serve the poorest of the poor and to live among them and like them” (T. learning to Would it be possible to live among the poor and like them? Mother Teresa was a nun that helped the poor. Mother Teresa was and is still known as a woman that had a kind heart, and even as a teenager she would always be found helping poor children, visiting countries where there were people in need, helping those that needed money and even after her death her charities are still helping the poor.
Just at the age of 12 she felt it was time for her to serve the children of God. She was facing a difficult decision to whether she would become a nun or not. That would mean she would give up having a family. At the age
…show more content… quote shows that Mother Teresa was happy to help the poor. Overall she has helped over twenty-five countries in the world. In every country that she has helped she has over two-hundred of her center, other than the houses and the aiding centers.
To help the poor children of the big populated countries, Mother Teresa obviously needed a big budget to accomplish all of this. This came from many different people. Firstly, the citizens of Calcutta. After seeing how successful her first school was, Mother Teresa started receiving donations along with a couple of recruits (to help the poor children). The recruits were the people seeing the good that Mother Teresa was doing, and they all wanted to take part in the good deed. As she grew in popularity, she also became a medic to help the struggling. This influenced others to start opening charities for her cause. Although, with all of this financial help her main source of money came from the Latin American dictators, which gave her a large budget. That would be used to send out her workers and groups to other countries, and build the houses and aiding centers all for the poor. She had been working with the American political dictators to try to get money to give it to the poor. Mother Teresa said “Money will come if we seek first the kingdom of God, the rest will be given” (T. praying to God for so long, the money did come in a large amount to help the
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