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One’s personality can be understood from the people they mingle with.” With this said, I find myself most influenced and inspired by personalities similar to mine. Whether it is an innate biological factor or a result of my upbringing, I find myself to be an anthology of all the personalities within my immediate family. My family’s personalities and leadership qualities are all similar and have been highly instrumental in my own personality.
     One would ask, “what type of personalities do your family possess?” My mother, the most influential personality and leader in my life is a complete replica of what I want to be, and with time, what I will be. According to the “Big Five Personality Dimensions,” my mother
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It his through her working experience, both in the corporate world and in owning her own establishments that “motivation is crucial, otherwise nothing gets done.” Further more, “motivation” does not only entail proper training and a quick pep talk from time to time, the reality of the issue is money. It may sound overly capitalistic, but both in my eyes and my mothers, money is the key ingredient to a persons attitude and performance in their vocation.
     The ideals and formulas, which my mother and I view the world by are indeed slightly extreme; we understand why some would deem them incorrect. As stated earlier my mother is “open to new ideas” and somewhat agreeable, hence, it is realized that there are exceptions to our beliefs. Not everyone is motivated by money, and all people are not innately lazy. Perhaps, people would feel that the personality my mother possesses, according to the “Big Five Personality Dimensions,” is excessively intensive and simply over-bearing. We realized that all the opponents of the “Lubic Family Philosophies” do have valid points, and are indeed correct at times; this is part of our “agreeableness dimension.” In short however, we a are firm advocates that people need to be motivated and it takes and outgoing, confident, and responsible person to make a good

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