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They say it feels great to have a best friend- someone to have fun and fool around with, someone to protect us and someone whom we share all our secrets, problems and crushes, but what if you fall in love with your best friend? Would you take the risk to go beyond the limitation and change your relationship into lovers?

It was already getting dark that afternoon, class hours already ended and the only persons left were my friends and I. The breeze of the cold month of February gently runs into my spine while sitting on a bench in front of our school, having the great view of the sunset with my close friends who also have problems like me. I have bitterness brought by that so called thing love. I guess we are all victims of love. I was
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I am weak. Days had passed and it’s so hard for me to accept the fact that he’s already gone. Until one night, he called me and talked to me as if nothing happened. He also apologized for not communicating because he busy analyzing our situation and told me that if only friendship is the only thing that I could give to him so be it as long as we would not lose each other which made me so happy. Things turn out to be fine again between us just like ordinary days when were together. We went out as best friends every Sunday with other friends. Until things got blurred again and so are the other days. Days of fighting followed, with just simple nonsense reasons. The old sweet days are turning to be a bit sour like a food about to expire. Complicated! That’s how thing went. We were already in a point where we are aloof to each other and I do not know what to do in order to save the friendship we have. He went away, I stopped communicating with him having the thought that things might turn out right as time goes by until he will come back. Will I ever see and talk to him again knowing that he will be going to a college far from where I am? How I wish I could turn back the days whenever I remember the past. I will surely bring with me a movie maker to cut those bad parts and repeat those good memories so I can be with him the whole time, happy and in love. But who I am to do that? I am just a best friend! Indeed, a best friend
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