naked lunch Essay

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The play Naked Lunch by Michael Hollinger focuses on the relationship between the two characters Vernon and Lucy. The two had previously had a romantic relationship, but for whatever reason ended it. In an attempt to get Lucy back, Vernon invites her to have a steak dinner with him. When Lucy refuses to eat the steak (due to the fact that she is now a vegetarian), things quickly take the turn for the worst. Throughout the play Vernon is controlling, demeaning, manipulative and abusive, and though it seems that Lucy tried to turn her life around and wants better for herself, she is submissive towards him. While telling the story of a previously estranged couple, Michael Hollinger uses metaphor, imagery and characterization in order to show…show more content…
The awkward vase is a metaphor for their relationship and the diner itself. Make sure that im not confusing metaphor with imagery; refrence draft corrections by professor. Also cite for paraphrases. The fact that Lucy is now a vegetarian is a huge part of this play. It shows us that she is not only trying to make herself a better person than she was while in the relationship with Vernon, but also that she is done with Vernon, (or at least wants to be). Lucy said she had done some soul searching while they were separated and decided to not eat meat. This decision is a metaphor for Lucy deciding she want to cut Vernon off. However Vernon does not have the same desire, he wants her back. While she is giving reasons for why she decided to become a vegetarian, Vernon is shooting every one of them down come up with another way to say this….apparently this is slang.. He says that her reasons are stupid and have no merit and should stop listening to what others tell her. This is Vernon’s way of telling Lucy that she has no good reason to leave him and should stop listening to her family and friends. Lastly, the steak is also a metaphor for rape. The way Vernon forces the meat in her mouth is symbolic of him forcing himself on Lucy. She is terrified while he is assaulting her “They are locked in a struggle, he menacing, she terrified”(Hollinger
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