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MY OJT EXPERIENCE I learned a lot from my experiences as an On-the-Job Trainee of Aboitiz Power, Therma Mobile Inc. First of all, I’m very much gratified for the support and understanding of my superiors especially on times when I committed mistakes. More than any learning thought in school, I learned to be with others, to work with people.

I learn also to listen to my senior, Mr. Balali even though at times I can’t understand his instructions. I also learn to accept criticism and be apologetic for my mistakes. He particularly imparts in me what I must know in making use of corporate resources and corporate values.

Furthermore, I’m very grateful that they expose me so much on what I must know regarding the work which suits my
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To survive, hands-on experience at dealing with real-world problems of direct concern is essential. OJT provides a unique way for students to obtain this kind of practical experience
OJT basically means learning while doing. it is an important way in which people acquire relevant knowledge and skills at work.
Advantages and Disadvantages of OJT?

OJT helps the students to familiarize themselves with the job-related equipments and gain direct experience to an approved standard. As they are supervised, their confidence level is boosted and they learn to perform jobs right. the students get an idea of how to handle responsibilities.

Inconsistent - Traditional OJT relies heavily on an experienced employee to provide the instruction based on what they feel are the most important topics. What is important to one employee may not be important to another. The result is what is learned may vary greatly, depending on who is assigned as the trainer.
Incomplete - Without a structured lesson guide, OJT trainers often forget to cover important information. What is learned is likely to be based on what happened that day rather than on what a new employee needs to know to be safe and productive.
Lack of founding principles - While the hands-on aspect of OJT may appeal to the practical learner, often the underlying theories of operation are not covered in sufficient detail or accuracy. Without
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