national quality standards

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Task A: Research National quality standards National quality standard definition; ‘the national quality standard is the benchmark for the quality of early childhood education and care in Australia.’ National Quality Standard (NQS) is the main aspect of the NQF which sets a national standard for early childhood education and care, and also outside school hours care services in Australia. It aims to promote; The safety, health and wellbeing of children A focus on achieving outcomes for children through high quality educational programs Families understanding of what distinguishes a quality service The national quality standard (NQS) has been introduced to make sure that children enjoy great possible surroundings in…show more content…
2. When sleeping at the family day care, a child shall be under the supervision of the educator and have access to the educator at all times. 3. The family day care educator will consult parents of children in care as to their sleep/rest requirements and encourage children to sleep to meet their developmental needs. 4. Children will be provided with beds which have been approved for family day care. 5. Children’s bedding will be maintained in a hygienic manner. Policy: family day care educator will ensure to provide and environment free of tobacco. 1. The family day care educator will not smoke whilst children are in care. 2. The family day care educator must ensure no person at the family day care house smokes. 3. The family day care educator will inform families of children in care that this day care is a tobacco – free environment. 4. Family day care educator will make sure that children in care are not exposed to tobacco smoke at any time. 5. Family day care educator will ensure that the use of tobacco whilst children in care is not tolerated. Arrangements for the inclusion of children with additional needs Children with additional needs need to feel physically and emotionally safe. This requires creating an environment that is easily accessible and free of hazards. Daily schedules should allow as much independence as possible. If a
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