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Nature of Construction Contracts
For this assignment the writer is going to discuss the nature and types of construction contracts and will explain the legal responsibilities of the various parties involved in the design and the construction process. Using different types of sources an explanation to the basic principles of contract law and how they apply. From doing this there will then be an explanation to what extent standard forms of contract are special types of contract. Contract that has been chosen is the JCT 2005 standard from of contract with quantities.
What is standard form of contract?
When it comes to standard forms of contract this is basically a standard type of contract that has been drawn up to be used
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This therefore express the importance of selecting the correct procurement route so the level of risk can be evenly spread and the requirements of the client met in the way specified.
The following choices for procurement are:
Traditional – The client hires a project coordinator to design a project and then companies have an invite to tender.
Design and Build – The contractor is single point responsibility with the contractor, where they put across a design with a tender and if they are successful they win the tender.
Construction Management – this is where the contractor is brought into the design stage early and has an in-put into the design. The contract is not yet drawn up.
Management Contracting – this is where work begin before all design has been completed to contracts are drawn up in stages.
When choosing a type of procurement it is based on the clients experienced and knowledge of construction that the client has and there requirements. Once this has been decided then the relevant contracts can be drawn up outlining the relevant responsibilities shared and risk taken into consideration and also meeting the correct legislation and the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. With regards to the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration
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