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1 Explain what is meant by the term ‘dementia’ Learner answer 1 dementia is not a disease or illness its an overall term which describes a wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memories or a persons other mental abilities which in turn can reduce a persons ability to perform everyday tasks. 2a Incorporating your assessment pack and using the diagram as a guide, describe the key functions of the brain that can be affected by dementia. a) Name area 1 of the brain and its key function of this area affected by dementia Learner answer 1 The Frontal Lobe: controls behavior and emotions, personality and is also responsible for movement. 2b b) Name area 2 of the brain and its key function of this area affected by dementia…show more content…
risk factors include advancing age, a family history of Alzheimer disease,head trauma and damage to the cardiovascular system. Vascular dementia symptoms include: increasing difficulties with tasks and activities that require concentrating and planning, memory loss, depression, personality and mood changes, low attention span, incontinence, seizures, physical weakness or paralysis, and hallucinations. risk factors include high blood pressure, history of stroke, diabetes, a lack of physical activity, excess alcohol and unhealthy diet. Dementia with lewy bodies (DLB) symptoms include: memory loss, low attention span,visual hallucinations,periods of mental confusion,delusions, difficulty planning ahead, muscle stiffness, slower movement, shaking and trembling of arms and legs, shuffling while walking, problems sleeping and loss of facial expression. risk factors include: age (60+) , sex, family history of DLB. Fronto-temporal dementia signs and symptoms include: personality and behavioral changes, 8a Describe how the factors could affect a person’s experience of living with dementia. a) Age Learner answer 1 People often mistake dementia as a condition that older people get and whilst the chances of getting it
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