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Improving Network Performance Nowadays, it seems that everyone has a computer and is discovering that communication technologies are necessary. E-mail, Internet, and file transferring has become a part of the modern world. Networks allow people to connect their computers together and to share resources. They allow people to communicate and interact with each other. The days of the lone PC are diminishing. At the same time, computers are getting faster than ever. The most powerful PC five years ago couldn’t be sold for half of its original price today. This poses some problems to the consumer. New technologies can’t be driven by older technology. As innovations continue to be invented, the computer of yesterday is fast outpaced by the…show more content…
Modems, a popular communications device, typically have throughput rates from 9600 baud (See Glossary) to 28800 baud. Modems use an RS232 or serial port connection. One solution to this transmission speed is the parallel or Centronics port. This port transmits eight bits at a time instead of one with a serial port, which is how they got their names. Because it sends eight bits at a time, a parallel port can achieve transfer rates of up to 40,000 bits or 5000 characters a second (Seyer 64). Parallel ports are commonly used to connect to printers and external storage devices. The main problem with modems and parallel ports is that only two computers can be connected at one time. Networks were invented to solve this. They allowed a group of computers to communicate and to share resources such as hard disk space and printers. Different types of networks have different throughput rates, but all are higher than either serial or parallel ports. The type of network used at Banks High School is an Ethernet network with software from Novell. This network has the capability of supporting transfer rates up to ten megabits per second (Bennett 1). Although this seems like a lot, remember that all of the computers on the network are using this connection at the same time and each computer has to share with every other computer. There are a few ways to speed up a slow Ethernet network, however. Splitting the responsibility from one server to many is one way, and using more than one
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