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In Amusing Ourselves to Death, by Neil Postman, ?the news of the day? is viewed as ?a figment of our technological imagination? (7-8). He states that without the media to broadcast the events that take place daily, there would not be the concept of ?the news of the day? (7). Postman says that the news only exists because of our advanced systems of communication, making it possible for us to report the news to the public as it happens. Without these methods and tools, news would not exist the way it does. This is what Postman is implying when he mentions that the news is a ?media event? (8). He goes on by saying that ?we attend to fragments of events from all over the world because we have multiple media,? to convey his arguments of how…show more content…
     I obtain my news by listening to the radio, but the main source I use the most is the Internet. When I do listen to the radio, I usually listen to KCRW for the NPR news, in which I find to be a valid source of information because it is news for the people. On the Internet, I check various sites for different information that is found to be interesting and important. One site that is checked often is, which is a non profit organization to manage speakers and artists. On their site, they have a newsletter called ?Soapbox,? that is full of important issues mainly regarding and concerning the world, and also topics that I am interested in and personally involved with. Information on ?The Boycott Shell Campaign? and ?Free Mumia? are main topics discussed on the site. Another site that is particularly interesting is, which is the site for The American Civil Liberties Union. On this site, issues of racial equality, student rights, free speech and more are main points. Both these sites provide arguments and current events that defend their arguments for racial equality and free speech. The sites also discuss the unjust acts that take place in America and in the rest of the world. Through all the information that is found, what can be determined as news is probably what interests you the most. If the issue of racial equality is something a person is deeply interested in and effected by, then

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