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No Child Left Behind Act

The No Child Left Behind tends to cause neglect to important subjects because they are non-tested subjects, such as Social Studies, Art, health, and Music. With the neglect of these subjects, there is more focusing that’s being done on the tested subjects, like Math and Reading. This may cause a greater impression that NCLB is a positive thing for our educational system but studies show this is misleading to the public. States can set their own standard test score levels and classrooms being able to set their own teaching schedules this can allow room for manipulation of the system. Even though the states have the ability to set their own standards the schools teachers and students who
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This is misleading to the public when results of the test come back and show high scores, allowing them to think that the reason the scores are high is because the NCLB is working. This is another way someone is not directly changing the grades or the results of the test but yet the situation is being manipulated to improve the impression given of the NCLB. The negative effect of these actions are the lack of trust we, the parents, can have in our school systems and the lack of education some students are receiving simply because they don’t test well.
The concerns of the public need to be herd, lack of funding and lack of certified teachers, lead to lack of interest from students and parents. When Stanik &The Public Education Network, did a three year study across the country, hearing people’s concerns and thought about the NCLB, they discovered that the concerns were high. Even though people thought that the NCLB had a good idea and had meant well, it left a lot of room for improvement, it left critical realities behind while trying enforce its ideas. (2007). Schools without money cannot teach on the same level as a school with money. When states don’t meet the standards then its money is denied. It seems like a never ending circle. The reality is schools without money cannot provide the proper learning equipment for students to learn. This results in low or

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