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1. Name the common cable types used today a. Utp b. Stp c. Fiber optic d. plenum 2. What unit of measurement is a tenfold logarithmic ratio of power output to power input? a. Decibel 3. Name 3 things that can contribute to attenuation. a. Conductor Resistance, b. Mutual Capactitance, c. Impedence. d. other 4. Name 3 things that can contribute to attenuation. a. Conductor Resistance, Mutual Capactitance, Impedence. 5. Name 3 types of crosstalk. a. Near end cross talk, Far end Cross Talk, Equal Level Far end cross talk. Alien cross talk b. Mutual cross talk 6. Name an organization which is part of the US goverment and controls communications. a. FCC b. Ieee c. 7. What is the National Fire Protection Association responsible for? a. The…show more content…
LAN/WAN application 32. What should be considered when installing fiber? a. Always use 30%more fiber than being used b. equipment rating, c. location of cable (inside/outside), d. termination of fiber e. match the fiber to the equipment 33. What is the most common wall plate mounting in commercial applications? a. outlet box 34. When choosing a fixed-design wall plate, what factors should you consider? a. whether it is the right type of connector or if there might be a need to change the connector at any time b. how many jacks c. the type of jack d. labeling 35. What is not an advantage of biscuit jacks? a. for those who can’t put a hole in the wall where they want a phone line b. easy to install c. inexpensive d. high speed communications 36. If you use the wrong type of cable/connector combination, what could happen? a. intermittent signal errors 37. What type of tool do you need to attach a BNC connector? a. screw on or with a BNC crimper 38. What do you think would not be needed in a standard network installation? a. Cross over cables b. cables, tools, switches, routers, testers, time, racks, help 39. What layer of the OSI reference model do routers work on? a. network layer 40. What devices not work with infrared transmissions? a. Transistor radios b. remote controls, c. IrDA ports, d. Infrared laser devices 41. What is NOT an advantage of infrared? a. Line of sight is needed, b. No weather attenuation 42. What is not an advantage of RF (radio

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