nursing skills

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This essay is going describe the skills that student nurses need to demonstrate to show that they have a clear understanding of good nursing practice. This essay will focus on four inter-related skills that complement each other in achieving goals (Barker 2007). The goal that these nursing skills seek to achieve is good nursing practice as according to Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC 2008) mission of protecting the health and welfare of the public. NMC is the National Regulatory body that stipulates and regulates standards of education, training, and conduct of nurses and midwives throughout Great Britain and islands. They have published four core principles to ensure people are treated as individuals with respect and dignity…show more content…
These include, maintaining eye contact, to show interest, nodding to show following to details, paraphrasing back to confirm understanding, asking questions for further clarification. These communication skills demonstrate a base value of respect, patient-centeredness and confidentiality and demonstrate non- judgementalness. Principles of care are demonstrated through effective communication that is dignity, safety, respect, confidentiality, trusting care relationship and job satisfaction.(Gibbs,2010)
Written communication in healthcare system comprises of care plans, daily reports, handover sheets ,medication sheets in general ,(record keeping). These clinical records are essential skills of communication that a nurse should be able to write as well as extracting vital information from which to provide relevant and precise care. This makes continuity of necessary care possible and fulfils one of NMC’s (2008) core principles of the code of working with others to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of those in nurse’s care and obligation to ensure total and effective information is communicated to your colleagues concerning people in your care (NMC 2010). These records help to increase answerability to the part of the nurse if the nurse is aware of this will be more considerate knowing that any mistake will come around. In addition these records help as the basis for decision –making for nurses and multi-disciplinary team of which the nurse
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