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Part 1: Understand how diet is linked to health 1. Define what is meant by the term ‘healthy diet’. A healthy diet is something that covers all of your body’s needs, and ensures that your body gets all the nutrients that it requires to stay healthy in day to day life. The things that you require will vary depending on a number of different factors including age, gender and activity levels. 2. Describe why the healthy diets of adults and children may be different. Provide at least three examples of these differences. A healthy adult diet provides everything that the body needs to stay fit and healthy A healthy children’s diet is a diet that provides everything that they need to stay fit and healthy as well as grow…show more content…
8. Why is it important to control your salt intake? It is important to control your salt intake in order to reduce the risk of health problems, ie. Blood pressure, heart disease or stroke Once you have completed this Part of your Assessment, save the work you have done so far – you will need to send your work to your tutor for marking when you have completed all four Parts of this Assessment. Part 2: Understand the components of a healthy diet 1. Complete the table below with information on the five food groups. • In the left-hand column, list the five food groups. • In the right-hand column, provide at least two examples of foods belonging to each of the five food groups. Food groups Examples 1. Fruit and vegetables Apple, spinach 2. Protein and meat Fish, poultry 3. milk and dairy foods Cheese, yogurt 4. carbohydrate Pasta, cereals 5. fats and sugars Biscuit, chocolate 2. Describe at least two examples of current healthy eating advice. One of the Healthy eating habits is that we should eat lots of fruit and vegetables As science has proven that people who do this are at lower risk of heart disease, strokes and even cancers. We should cut down on sugar as this can lead to weight gain. Excess weight gain can lead to obesity and increased risks of diseases including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. As sugar is found naturally in lots of foods, but it is also

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