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Understand Physical Disability

Outcome 1

1. Explain why it is important to recognise and value an individual as a person

A. It is important to recognise an individual as a person as it is their human right to be seen as such. If an individual is not seen as a person it devalues them and isolates them from everyday society making them feel “different”.

2. Describe the importance of recognising an individual’s strengths and abilities

A. Recognising a person’s strengths and abilities encourages independence and gives the person confidence in themselves. Encouragement to use these strengths and abilities also gives the person a feeling of control over their own lives which in turn encourages self-belief and confidence.
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This also means more disabled individuals are receiving work in television, for example, such as jack osboune who has recently been diagnosed with MS. Also the Paralympics was a huge success in Britain bringing attention to people’s abilities rather than disabilities. In the workplace, policies and procedures when applying for a job in care such as CRB checks are mandatory, however CRB’s do not give a well-rounded picture of the potential employee’s opinions, so it is up to fellow staff members to challenge them if they are deemed to be discriminatory against the residents in their care.

4. Describe the impact of disability legislation on community attitudes and practices

A. Disability legislation increases the recognition of actively involving individuals with a disability into community based projects and adapting mainstream projects for the involvement of others with a disability. This encourages inclusion for disabled individuals into the community and helps with other factors such as disabled access for wheelchair users and individuals with impaired mobility in the likes of schools and universities as well as local shops and community centres. Encouraging inclusion of disabled individuals into the community “normalizes” disability and encourages a positive

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