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Final Essay Prompt (Version 1) Recently President Obama proposed a plan to make two years of community college free to all students, but just community college alone. This does not include state or university colleges.
In my opinion this plan of creating a two year free general education system for community colleges should be instituted for the simple reason that if you choose to pursue a higher education such as state college or university you should pay the tuition but for those that choose the route of going to a community college because of personal reasons such as those that can’t decide if they want to go straight to college or can’t afford it should be allowed
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The reason most students don’t finish with any type of degree is because of dealing with both school and work and balancing paying for bills and even rent. By having the free tuition more students can dedicate the money they use from their jobs to focus on paying their bills and keep a roof over their head, instead of worrying about paying for tuition deadlines and buying books for classes. With the program it gives a student more flexibility. That push to graduate rather than leaving community college with just credits, earn more money than others, and possibly afford the next two, three or four years of school after. “ So if you can use the free community college tuition to rack up some credits, that makes it a lot easier to finish a bachelor’s degree before that federal aid runs out.” It is said that the federal government will cover up to 75 percent of the cost and the rest of the money from the final quarter will be provided by the state, which will cost over $20 billion dollars generated in 10 years. As president obama held a conference on board air force one, both
Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander, two republican senators claimed that the federal government should not be involved with this new plan. “Creating a federal program to me is not the way to

get good things to happen in education.” said Corker.
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