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Obligation isn't always driven by reason. What a person feels obliged to do may not be the most reasonable choice of action. In fact, this choice may even physically harm them in some way. The following short stories, The Inheritor, Tell-Tale Heart, and Harrison Bergeron are all examples of a sense of obligation leading someone to make an unreasonable choice. In The Inheritor, Tell-Tale Heart, and Harrison Bergeron, the main characters are all forced to make a choice to either follow what they felt was their moral obligation as a human being or to ensure their own safety.

In “The Inheritor by Frank Robert ” the main character is forced to make a choice between staying safely in the tree or putting his life on the line to save a
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A third story that supports this theme is “Harrison Bergeron”. In the U.S citizens all received handicaps to make them equal. Harrison was too smart and too strong to control so they put him in jail. When he broke out of jail he felt that it was his moral obligation to tell the citizens of the U.S the truth. For example, Harrison wanted to “show the people the meaning of the word dance.” ( ) rather than the odd hops that the ballerinas made with weights tied to the ballerina's ankles. He knew that making this choice would result in his death.

“Harrison Bergeron” supports the theme because he chose to start a revolution knowing that he would be shot. Even though he made an unreasonable choice based on moral obligation, he may have helped the U.S citizens discover the truth.


Although the main characters made what seemed like unreasonable choices their choices were based on what they felt was their moral obligation. In the real world we all have obligations. Whether they are small or big we all have them. Our moral obligations drive our words and our actions and if we weren't driven by our conscience the world would be a much harsher place. The same concept applies the above short stories. In The Inheritor the man felt that it was his obliged to save the ewe and in Tell-Tale Heart the man felt like he obliged to tell the

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