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Submitted by- NAME OF THE CANDIDATE: Sudipta Kumar Biswas REGISTRATION NO: 563-1121-0664-11 ROLL NO: NAME OF THE COLLEGE: Sarsuna College Supervised by- NAME OF THE SUPERVISOR: Shib Shankar Naskar NAME OF THE COLLEGE: Sarsuna College MONTH &YEAR OF SUBMISSION: December 2013 Supervisor’s certificate This is to certify that Mr. Sudipta Kumar Biswas a student of B.Com Honours in Accounting & Finance of Sursuna College under the University of Calcutta has worked under my supervisor and guidance for his project work and prepared a project Report with the title Online Banking. The project report, which he is submitting, is genuine and original work to the best of my knowledge.…show more content…
Objectives 1.10. Importance of study 2. NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SCENARIO 3. ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS 4. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION Definition of ONLINE BANKING: The term "online banking" or "internet banking" covers both computer and telephone banking. Using computer banking, a customer either uses his computer to dials directly into its bank's computer or gains access to the bank’s computer over the internet. Using telephone banking, the customer can controls its bank accounts by giving the bank instructions over the telephone. Both computer and telephone banking involve the use of passwords which give access to the customer’s accounts. Using these methods, banking transactions can be actioned 24 hours a day. Online banking allows the person, for instance, to view recent transactions, print out statements and transfer funds between accounts and make payments. Many banks also have the facility for someone to set up, amend or cancel standing orders. Internet banking also allows payments to be made to the customer, i.e. acceptance of credit card donations. Most people that use internet banking will also continue to use some of the elements of more traditional methods of banking, such as a cheque book. Online banking is a service offered by banks that allows account holders to access their account data via the Internet. In order to take advantage of online banking, an account holder would need to meet

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