ook Review: The Great Inversion and the Future of the American City

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Book Review: The Great Inversion and the Future of the American City In the book The Great Inversion, author Alan Ehrenhalt reveals the changes that are happing in urban and suburban areas. Alan Ehrenhalt the former editor of Governing Magazine leads us to acknowledge that there is a shift in urban and suburban areas. This revelation comes as the poorer, diverse, city dwellers opt for the cookie cutter, shanty towns at the periphery of American cities known as the suburbs. In similar fashion the suburbanites, whom are socioeconomic advantaged, are looking to migrate into the concrete jungles, of America, to live an urban lifestyle. Also, there is a comparison drawn that recognizes the similarities of cities and their newer, more affluent,…show more content…
The industrial element of cities that the rich population ran from in the early part of the 20th century is gone thus the same population in essence is moving back to the suburbs. The violence that once riddled the cities has been in a downward trend which also induces demographic inversion. Walkability is something that is now valued by the middle class who are ditching there long commutes for the sidewalks of the inner city. Lastly the populations whom once found themselves with four walls, a lawn and picket fence have more earning ability and a deeper pocket of savings which is now ground for living in the city. The fundamental truth to all of this is, according to Ehrenhalt, “If some people are coming inside, some people have to be going out” and, the minorities are moving out and the majorities are moving in. As soon as we the readers begin to understand the reality of what Ehrenhalt he goes on demonstrate the actual Demographic Inversions of various places. He gives the examples of Atlanta’s black and immigrant population who are moving to suburbs and droves. The minority populations in Chicago are now moving to southern suburbs, and in Washington D.C, the black populations are declining. Also we come
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