operation management - London eye case study Essay

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Question 1
Quality objectives:
“Quality means consistence conformance to costumer expectations” (Slack, Chambers & Johnston 2010 pg 40) Quality for the London eye could mean designing a structure that provides a bird’s eye view of London. Quality could also mean a high design of their processes, including ensuring that all 32 capsules are cleaned, staff are well trained in health and safety and are always professional at all times. Quality also means the London eye is safe and reliable. Quality also means that the timed admissions booking systems (TABS) is on time. Quality could also mean error free processing for their timed admissions system. Quality means that all parts for the London eye is made to specification and the assembly is
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Summertime schedule
10am – 9.30pm = 12 hours
1600 passengers X 12 hours = 19,200 passengers for 12 hours/day.
19,200 passengers X 7 days = 134,440 passengers per week.
Summer weeks = 24 weeks.
Therefore total capacity for the summer is:
134,440 passengers per week X 24 weeks = 3,225,600 passengers
Winter Schedule
1600 X 8 hours = 12, 800 passengers for an 8 hours/day
10am – 6pm = 8 hours
12,800 passengers X 7 days = 89,600 passengers per week.
Winter weeks = 28 weeks.
Therefore total capacity for the winter is:
89,600 passengers per week X 28 weeks = 2,508,800 passengers

Total capacity based on the operating schedule of the London eye is: schedule Passengers
Winter schedule
Summer schedule
Total operating Capacity

Question 3

There could be a loss of utilisation on the London eye due to variety of issues.
Weather conditions
The weather conditions can affect the London eye in a number of ways examples – utilisation can be affected in a number of ways. Heavy winds can affect the utilisation of the eye forcing it to stop also heavy snowfall can delay and reduce the amount of rotations the eye can perform or worse snowfall could mean that the London eye will not be operational.

Blackouts will have a major impact on the London eye. The London eye is powered electrically it needs electricity to rotate and in the event of a blackout, the London eye will
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