organisation design and structure

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Organizational design and structure Contents 1. Centralized organizational structure 2. Flat Structure 3. Formal Structure 4. Structure of the organization 5. Span of control 6. Chain of command 7. Appendix 1 1. Centralized organizational structure The hierarchy of Cathay Pacific Services Ltd is in three levels. Corporate- Chief Executive Officer, Executive Secretary, Manager- Commercial, Cargo Terminal Programme Manager Divisional- Finance &Administration Manager, Head of IT & Engineering, Head of Operations & Services Operating- Manager- Personnel, Manager- Engineering, Manager- Information Management, Manager- Terminal Services, Manager- Customer Services, Manager- Services Support & Development, Security Manager,…show more content…
5. Span of Control The organizational structure of Cathay Pacific Services Ltd shows that there are four span of control which means four subordinates report directly to the CEO of the company. In this case, it is a wide span of control as there are only three levels and most of the department report directly to a given manager. A wide span of control makes the manager difficult to supervise subordinates effectively and therefore less direct contact between the subordinates and supervisor due to time limitation. In other words, there is greater reliance on the employee to operate in an autonomous manner. The wide span of control works in the Cathay Pacific Services Ltd because of formalization in direction and control. Company provides a clear rule books and procedures for the subordinates to follow. This makes the staffs work and operate automatically once they receive an order. Also, the division of work functions. As the span of control is widely divided by functions, it is easier for manager to follow. 5. Chain of command It is very clear that Cathay Pacific Services Ltd performs the unity of command in its organization. Unity of command refers to each subordinate should report to and be instructed by one manager only. It is not suggested that the subordinates in
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