osmosis in gummy bears

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Investigating the effect of different concentrations of glucose on the percent change in mass of Gummy bears according to their respective colours

In this experiment osmosis is the main process taking place. Osmosis is the diffusion of water molecules of a solvent which pass through a semi permeable layer and in most cases are due to a concentration gradient meaning that the water molecules travel from an area of low concentration to one of higher concentration. In this investigation, gummy bears of different colours (dependent variable) were placed in different concentrations of glucose (independent variable) over a certain period of time.In addition to that, the color of the gummy bears was also observed to see if the color could
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The beakers were also placed far away from any heat producing machines of any sort.
Time The time the gummy bears stayed in the solutions was measured by using an analogue clock with an uncertainty of 0.5 minutes or 30 seconds
Concentration of solutionsconcentrations were kept constant by using the same digital scale (with an uncertainty of 0.01 g) to measure the amount of glucose to be added to the water
Volume of water This was kept constant by using a 200 ml beaker to fill up the jars used in the experiment. The uncertainty of the volume of the water was: +/- 10 ml
Size of gummy bears this was kept contant because each gummy bear weighed 2.37 +/- 0.01g and this was measured using the same digital scale
The type of water the type of water was controlled by simply using distilled water to fill up the beaker and not simple tap water.

Digital scale
200ml beaker
150 Haribo™ Gummy bears (25 of each colordark red, green, white, yellow, orange, light red)
18 jars
Distilled water
Glucose (C6H12O6) (500g)
Measuring boat

Procedure for recording the percent change in mass of gummy bears

1. Fill up a 200ml beaker with tap water and then pour it into the designated jar
2. Repeat this process 30 times until every jar is filled
3. Using the data collected above for the mass of glucose to add to the water solutions to

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