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UNIT NO: F0N0 35 UNIT TITLE: Professional Issues in Computing Outcome 3,4,5 Assessment Team Name Computing Networking Sector Name Business, Computing and Land Based Professional Issues in Computing (F0N0 35) Assessment Instructions  The assessment is a supervised open book assessment based on a case study.  You must write a report of approximately 2,000 words that covers the requirements of Outcome 3, 4 and 5.  The report should be word processed and presented in an appropriate format for a professional report.  All sources used should be referenced correctly in a bibliography.  A word count should be displayed on the front page of the report.  Ensure that your name and class…show more content…
The Service Engineers employed by Hi-Electricals Ltd are based at seven regional Service Centres. Most of their work is carried out in customers’ homes, but occasionally it is necessary to bring an appliance into the Service Centre for a major repair. The Service Centres carry a stock of frequently used parts and the Service Engineers also carry a small stock in their vehicles. A much larger stock of parts (10,000) is held at a Central Warehouse in Oldmeldrum, which is easily accessible from all areas that the company cover. This central stock is used both to refill the Service Centre stock and to replace items used by the Service Engineers in their daily routine. Any part that is ordered from the Central Warehouse by a Service Centre will be delivered the following day. When a Service Engineer requires stock then the engineer has to specify which Service Centre their items are to be dispatched to and they collect these items from the Service Centre. The items stored at the Central Warehouse are purchased from the manufacturers of the domestic electrical appliances. Jennifer Anderson is the Information Systems Manager responsible for all internal systems. A large computer system located at the Central Warehouse is used for Customer Accounting and Stock Control. The Customer Accounting procedures are separate from any of the Service Centres or Service

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