Essay about outline of Vincent Van Gogh

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                                        Vincent Van Gogh I. Early Life      A.…show more content…
          4.Vincent would stay there for two years and transfer to paris for a year and then come back to london.      B. Protestant minister           1.When Vincent Van Gogh was 23 it was truly a time of religious transformation for him.           2.Vincent began to speak at prayer meetings held within the parish of Turnham Green.           3.Vincent was enthusiastic about his prospects as a minister, his sermons were somewhat lackluster and lifeless.           4. Later Van Gogh decide to moved to his next and final career which was An Artist. III. Beginnings as an Artist      A.The Starting           1.Vincent started to by applied for study at the Ecole des Beaux-Art in Brussels.           2.Van Gogh was reject from the art school.           3.Vincent continued drawings lessons on his own.           4.An 28 year old Van Gogh moved back in with his parents while studying.      B.Van Gogh First major love
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