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Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that IQ testing is not a valid measure to be used on modern populations.

Central Idea: At the end of my speech the audience will know all about the disadvantages of IQ testing in addition to the bad impact it has on today’s society.
After taking 3 different IQ tests and averaging the results I can tell you that my IQ is either of 82 which is considered as low average or of 123 which is considered as superior! Ask yourself one question; would you look at me differently if you knew which one it really is? At the end of the speech you'll know all about the disadvantages of IQ testing and why it is not a fit measure to be used on modern populations. I'm going to
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Transition: Therefore it is important to ask ourselves if this test that can determine if someone is mentally less capable than someone else is in fact reliable enough.
II- The reasons why intelligence quotient tests are not reliable enough:
A. A score can differ significantly from one IQ test to another taken by the same person, in the same conditions:
1- "During 2002–2003, as part of validation for their new IQ test, the KABC-II, Alan and Nadeen Kaufman looked at IQ test scores from a dozen children aged 12-13 who were tested on three different contemporary IQ tests. The first thing to note is that those exposed to greater opportunities for learning tended to score higher on IQ tests than those from lower-SES backgrounds. But even collapsing across SES, every single preadolescent had a different IQ score based on which test they took. The differences for the dozen children ranged from 1 to 22 points, with an average difference of 12 points".
2- Therefore if a child scored 75 on a test he would be labeled as "slow learner", but it is very possible that the same child could have scored 95 on another approved IQ test, and a score of 95 is an average score.
B. Moreover, IQ tests are culturally unfair, most of the approved ones are designed for use among white middle class children. And as we can see in this slide, an average Ethiopian person would be
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