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Outline of the Final Lab Report
Flavyanyelly Colon
SCI 207: Dependence of man on the environment
Instructor Kirstin Skadberg
April 28, 2014

*This template will provide you with the details necessary to begin a quality Final Lab Report. Utilize this template to complete the Week 3 Outline of the Final Lab Report and ensure that you are providing all of the necessary information and proper format for the assignment. Before you begin, please note the following important information:

1. Carefully review the Final Lab Report instructions before you begin this assignment
2. The Final Lab Report should cover all 3 experiments from your Week Two Lab
3. As you plan your final paper, think about how
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Additionally, to be able to recognize the significance of raising awareness on water, for instance to be aware of what helps maintain or improve the quality of water and what environmental and human behaviors puts the quality of our water at risk for contamination. In view of the fact that we depend on water for survival, water pollution is an environmental issue that shouldn’t be looked over.

Body Paragraph # 3 - Hypotheses:
Hypotheses Experiment #1:
Oil hypothesis = the water would probably change consistency, probably thicken up and change color
Vinegar hypothesis = the water would probably stay the same color if the vinegar is white but there will be a change in smell
Laundry detergent hypothesis = the water will change in consistency and would probably have suds/bubbles, smell and color (if detergent is colored) would also be altered.
Hypotheses Experiment #2:
When I tried to filtrate the water to remove the contaminants, I am not completely successful because the water is not 100% contaminant free since the water has a rancid smell.
Hypotheses Experiment #3:
If bottled water is supposed to be free of contaminants, then bottled water should contain significantly less contaminants than tap water because that is why bottled water is sold to the public.

Materials and Methods
Body Paragraph # 1:
Experiment #1: Effects of Groundwater

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