“over 30 Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse” Article Found in the Electronic Reserve Readings.

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Knowing your Audience Paper and Communication Release
William Whelchel
Diane Dauble

When a company needs to pass information to another organization or a group of people it is very important that the company knows their audience. If the information is regarding a disaster, it is even more important to make sure the company knows their audience. One example of a company needing to know their audience was the Chilean copper mine in South America.
On Thursday, August 5, 2010, A collapse of one of the shafts in the Chilean copper mine left 33 workers trapped approximately 300 meters underground. At once, rescue efforts began but just two days later another collapse in the mine halted the efforts of the rescue
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Once the families have been informed it is important to let the fellow co-workers know what is happening. Many of the men trapped would have friends who also work for the company and they would want to know what is happening. By making sure the other employees know about what is happening, the company can try to keep them from saying too much to news reporters and it will help ease their minds. Once the employees have been notified, make it clear that all information to the press needs to come from the company. When something is said to an audience that was not properly prepared for that audience, it could have disastrous results.
Through the press the company will next have to handle the communication on an international level. Because the mine company was global they were on the world stage. The company owned mines in many other parts of the world, not just in South America. In a situation like this one, rumors began to fly without much hesitation and although rumor control was important with the company, it is impossible to stop.
Another aspect of communication that was not very publically known was the communication with the investors, owners and stockholders of the company. It is very important to keep this audience informed with what was going on because if information was withheld then it could potentially cause a panic. Once in panic mode, the investors could damage the company more by stopping funds, dumping assets and plunge the
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