overview of a Luxury Fashion Brand

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OVERVIEW OF A LUXURY FASHION BRAND AND WHY IT HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES TO BE SUCESSFUL Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Introduction The fashion industry is very competitive. Company that venture in fashion should therefore have a proper marketing strategies that will make it have competitive advantage over the other companies. Most companies engaging in fashion have therefore turned to luxury brands being that there is global interest in fashion. Based on the environment that the businesses operate, the target markets and product attributes as well as marketing methods, the companies have embraced luxury brand management and fashion marketing strategies that have made them be on top of the fashion industry. This paper looks…show more content…
The other two diffusion brands are Burberry blue and black that is for the Japan fashion market. They are also targeted for younger male and female professionals. The multi-brand model of the company has provided maximum market exposure and extensive consumer demand. The second benefit of the model is that, it has provided elasticity and market awareness evidenced by the brands that target specific countries. Additionally, the approach of having broad category of products range and differential pricing options have provided a marketing move for the company since the customers have accessed it on that account as well as enable the trading up and down of the brand levels ("Group Overview," n.d.).. The brand is known for its trench coats that target the young audience. The product has been marketed through websites such as artofthetrench.com and celebrity endorsement (Grieve, Idiculla, & Tobias, 2013). Distribution channels of the Brand The brand is exclusively done through the operation of company stores, licensee agreement, and third party stockists. The company has a retail chain that comprises of four formats. These include designer outlet stores, department stores, regular retail price and flagship stores located in nearly all the major cities in Europe and London. The whole sale stockists include the prominent department stores, duty free shops and specialty fashion retailers. The brand also operates Showrooms in London, Milan, and Hong Kong among others.
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