p1- business btec level 3 unit 37

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Unit 37- P1 Report In this report I will be talking about how my chosen organisation, which is Primark, uses ethical issues to consider in its every day operational activities. Primark may not have some ethical issues that I will be discussing about in this report, but I will talk in detail about how they could use them, issues in their business. I will be explaining how Primark’s way of selling affects ethical issues and will be discussing about the things they need to be aware of whilst selling their clothes. The Environment: Primark were doing very well whilst taking the environment into serious consideration whilst selling their clothes however, a very disturbing accident occurred in one of their supplying factory. This was a…show more content…
However, Primark were tested when the BBC programme Panorama had exploited the fact that children as young as 7 years old were working to earn only RS.40 a day (60p) and working conditions were horrific. My chosen organisation denied all accusations and said they didn’t know anything about these conditions and didn’t know anything about child labour that was taking place in Tirupur, India. This led on to the sacking of three suppliers for breach of trust from Primark as they denied the fact they had any information on these terrible conditions and children working for up to 14 hours a day and making only 60p. Many people had lost their jobs and Primark had refused to take responsibility for those who were sacked and were not ready to compensate. Did Primark do the right thing? No, I think that Primark made a mistake for sacking their suppliers where they could have improved working conditions in India. They are a multi-million company and are known worldwide they had the money to improve working conditions for their workers instead of sacking 3 suppliers, which means that people who were not at any fault had lost their job and couldn’t provide for their families. In my opinion I think Primark could have easily overcome this situation which occurred in June 2008 by improving working conditions, they have gone against the rights of some people as research showed hundreds of people lost their jobs who had a right to be working there and were at no

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