p1 unit 14

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Task 1a As a new recruit working in a public service you have been asked to investigate the response to emergency service incidents. You should describe how emergency incidents are graded by a selected public service call centre. Firstly, you should give examples of emergency incidents as described in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. You should also describe how emergency incidents are graded for a selected public service control room including the grading categories used, and the role of call handlers and incident managers. Look at the guidance notes to see what needs to be covered. Use the box provided to answer this question. Task 1a (P1) When you look at an emergency incident. It has to be graded by…show more content…
The next part of the act is looking at the definition of category 1 and category 2 responders. Every responder has an emergency planning officer. Their main role is to make sure they have good communication with the other responders and that they stay in accordance of the act. Category 1 responders are core responders or “blue-light” responders. There are 9 different responders for example some of the responders in category 1 are: fire service, police service and the NHS primary care trust. These will normally be the first ones to respond to an incident they get it under control and evaluate if any category 2 responders are needed and if so which ones. Category 2 responders are key and work with category 1 responders they help and support them. Category 2 is utility services and transport organizations Electricity distributors and transmitters and Gas distributors. They also get help for network travel and highway agencies, also the health and safety executive. The police have a certain code they use over the radios to determine how dangerous or life threatening the issue is. When you call the police, the phone call goes to the control room and they will assess the situation and decide on what code to give it the code will play a vital part in whether or not they get
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